Bluebonnets with my favorite boys <3

No spring would be complete here in the Austin Texas area, without a frolic in the bluebonnets!  We found a luscious patch of bluebonnets behind a grocery store and decided to play outside in the late afternoon. I brought a wagon in case the kids wanted somewhere to sit, and it's probably a good thing that I did....


Hello!!!  How cute can one boy be?  The fun only multiplies when these adorable cuties get together in the Bluebonnets. This next set... oh my heart! <3  These boys are brothers, and I have known these two (plus the other sweet boy) since before they were born.


Although my two (in the wagon in that last picture) weren't sitting still for most of the time they were together, they still had a fabulous time with their friends as evidenced by the Radio Flyer trek.  I love being able to capture memories like this for my boys, their friends, and my mama friends too =) I can't wait until next year rolls around, because I have a feeling it will be another gorgeous year for flowers.

<3  Twyla

When babies love cake!! - Austin TX - First Birthday Cake Smash

Now that the holidays are over, school is back in session, and things are going back to normal (whatever that is), I am finding time to press on with the things I've been itching to do.  One of those things is talking about this adorable family and their sweet sweet little boy who happened to have his first birthday a few weeks ago!   I would love to share with you =)



As you can see, there is was NO shortage of adorable toddler for this session, hahaha!  Mom and I discussed her hopes and desires for these pictures-- she wanted them to match his birthday party theme, which was Winter "One"derland. I put on my crafty-jeans and pulled together this set up, and we created a lovely set of images for this family to remember and cherish. The best part was that , despite the freezing weather we were having in the Austin area, we were able to be toasty and warm in my little home studio =)  

Oh.  I would also like to show off the beautiful canvas that this family ordered for the occasion!  Isn't it the greatest keepsake?  I know I wish I had one made for when my littles turned one!

This is an alcove in my own home which norrrrrrrrmally has something much bigger hanging in it. This is for illustration purposes only folks! hahaha

This is an alcove in my own home which norrrrrrrrmally has something much bigger hanging in it. This is for illustration purposes only folks! hahaha

Oh, and just in case you need more cute in your life (It is Monday morning, after all) then you MUST MUST MUST view their personal video on Youtube. Or view it in the current browser window. Whichever you prefer, but make sure you view it. =) It's available all the way up to 1080p (high definition) so for the best viewing experience, I would definitely head to YouTube and click on the HD button to make sure you're watching every pixel perfectly.  


<3 Twyla

1st Birthday Smash Session! -- Austin Texas newborn and family photography

Recently, I have taken on the world of one year old birthday sessions. Let me tell you, I have learned quite a number of things that I would love to share with you!  I will save that for a later date. So, let us us enjoy these adorable photos of my friend's little munchkin!

Big boy Smiles!

As you can see, cake was very much enjoyed, and he made quite short work of it. I only had one shot from when we put that cake down in front of him before he was ALL over it.  Or, before it was all over *him*.

This little guy was the very first baby that wasn't my own that I took photographs of. It is amazing to see not only his growth over this last year, but my own personal growth as well. In a way, his birthday was a celebration for myself as well, because it planted the seed for the obsession I now have of photography!

Happy birthday sweet boy! So glad you joined us and that I was able to help capture a portion of this special time in your life.

Maternity Photos in Downtown ATX

The dog days of Summer seem to be nearing an end. Today, it practically rained ALL day!  I can't even remember the last time that happened here. It was such a relief to have more than just a tremendous/quick downpour and flash flooding.  The temperature also dropped quite significantly. I made my boys put on coats for the little time we were even outside today!  Quite a change from the norm, and from the weather at the session I took 2 weeks ago!  Check these beautiful photos out!

It was so hot for all of us. We were ready to pack it up not long after we got there, but mama and sweet little guy stayed strong and we were able to capture several gorgeous photos before we ended.  Way to be troopers!   I had hoped to catch more of the city skyline but we were lucky to get out of there without having to swim home! 

Pregnancy is such a special time for many women, I am just so thrilled I could capture a few moments for this beautiful mama for her family to treasure in the years to come <3