Bluebonnets with my favorite boys <3

No spring would be complete here in the Austin Texas area, without a frolic in the bluebonnets!  We found a luscious patch of bluebonnets behind a grocery store and decided to play outside in the late afternoon. I brought a wagon in case the kids wanted somewhere to sit, and it's probably a good thing that I did....


Hello!!!  How cute can one boy be?  The fun only multiplies when these adorable cuties get together in the Bluebonnets. This next set... oh my heart! <3  These boys are brothers, and I have known these two (plus the other sweet boy) since before they were born.


Although my two (in the wagon in that last picture) weren't sitting still for most of the time they were together, they still had a fabulous time with their friends as evidenced by the Radio Flyer trek.  I love being able to capture memories like this for my boys, their friends, and my mama friends too =) I can't wait until next year rolls around, because I have a feeling it will be another gorgeous year for flowers.

<3  Twyla