Wall Art Wednesdays? I think so!

I am hoping to make a somewhat regular schedule for postings on this blog, and one way I think I would like to accomplish that is by posting something weekly that isn't session related.   My brilliant plan?  I think I'm going to call it "Wall Art Wednesdays". Has a nice ring to it!

The point of it, of course, is to dream big, and dream beautifully. I want anyone that visits my page and knows my work, to understand without a doubt that I am a photographer that treasures memories and believes family should be included in art for your home. Something I actually have fun doing is creating mock wall galleries using images from my sessions to help my clients envision their portraits as more than just desktop wallpaper.

Each week, I would love to show ways that images from my sessions can be displayed prominently and proudly with products that I source from professional photo labs.  Without further ado, I would like to show the following!

Timeless 16x24  print framed with Organic Bloom in white

Timeless 16x24  print framed with Organic Bloom in white

Oh did I mention that I am an official reseller of beautiful frames by the Organic Bloom company?  Yes! I have several custom framing options available for those interested in going beyond normal.  You can contact me for more information. <3

~ Twyla