1st Birthday Smash Session! -- Austin Texas newborn and family photography

Recently, I have taken on the world of one year old birthday sessions. Let me tell you, I have learned quite a number of things that I would love to share with you!  I will save that for a later date. So, let us us enjoy these adorable photos of my friend's little munchkin!

Big boy Smiles!

As you can see, cake was very much enjoyed, and he made quite short work of it. I only had one shot from when we put that cake down in front of him before he was ALL over it.  Or, before it was all over *him*.

This little guy was the very first baby that wasn't my own that I took photographs of. It is amazing to see not only his growth over this last year, but my own personal growth as well. In a way, his birthday was a celebration for myself as well, because it planted the seed for the obsession I now have of photography!

Happy birthday sweet boy! So glad you joined us and that I was able to help capture a portion of this special time in your life.