Something splendid this way comes!!!

The beginning of November.  Pumpkin Spice is in full swing, the leaves that will actually change color are finally doing so here in Austin, and all this rain is starting to make me think of two things... the first, that I must miss the West Coast since this rain is making me nostalgic... and two... the "most wonderful time of the year" is almost here!

Realizing that Halloween is over, Thanksiving is looming, and Christmas is not far behind, I realized that we are all quickly running out of time for the most coveted of items -- the Holiday Family Photo!!  But with what little time we have left (and with sunset a whole entire HOUR EARLIER thanks to Daylight Savings), how can I make an option that families can tap into  that won't be dependent on the weather, or traffic being good enough for us to meet at a location with enough time before the sun is gone.  "What can I do between now and then that is completely off the wall, and out there, that families could enjoy doing... that won't involve dancing around in the rain after dark?"

Hoho, have I got a surprise for you.  SO! Coming soon. ONE DAY of sessions. At my home. You & your family, goofing around in your pajamas or tacky sweaters, loving on each other and creating great pictures for your family (and for the single most AMAZING Holiday card you have ever sent!).  And the best parts? No insects, no sweating (well, I guess this actually depends on your personal body temperature, but we have air conditioning!!), mood music, and a very short and sweet time slot.  You will also have your Christmas cards lovingly designed by yours truly, and I will deliver them to you (and have your address imprinted on the back) to help you beat the holiday rush.

So, sound interesting? Are you intrigued? Ready for some goofy fun?  I will be announcing details shortly, but in the mean time, can I give you a hint about the theme and set up???  And don't hate on my mad Photoshop skills! ;)