Studio Makeover Update - Nearing the end of Week 1

Just thought I would share a bit of an update about how things are going down in this neck of the woods.  This week has been a frenzy of messages, conversations, and rehashing. I have been working through Julia's course again, and trying to refine the answers from my "home work" assignments, and adjust additional policies.

I have been also in touch with clients and have three sessions scheduled for next week (which should be a little crazy considering my husband will not be home).  I have been considering a drop in playcare center for the boys because, let's face it -- sometimes, the hubby and I would simply just like an evening to ourselves. The youngest is nearing two, and I really would like a last minute option to use should we ever need it for the future. I have not considered that into my business costs, but is one of the notes I made for myself so that I can remember and consider it.

Running a business and being a mommy can be difficult =P

I also started a new book this week called Playing Big, and I got it through Amazon on Audible. The great thing is that I have been able to listen to it while driving my oldest around to his therapy appointments and back. I am learning a lot about that inner voice inside of you that says hurtful things to you as a means of protection.  Everyone has one, and it says different things to different people.  This week, my own inner voice said, "Maybe they made a mistake choosing you for that prize.  There's no way you can do all the things you really want  -- you can't even make time to finish that Pinterest board of inspiration you started!!"
Well, the only thing I have to say to that voice is that even a flood starts as one drop of water.  I think as long as I hold to my convictions, and keep chipping away through all my blocks and imperfections, I will emerge with my dreams, beautifully carved out and ready to show everyone.

Maybe I need a little bit of Survivor on repeat : Eye of the Tiger!!!

<3  Twyla