Studio Makeover Update - File management and organization

So having gone through Julia Kelleher's bootcamp on Creative Live, I completed a lot of the homework, but of course with family obligations, I didn't complete all of it.  Today, I decided that the number one priority for the day would begetting digitally organized!! I -did- do the homework chart for the segment of the course that discussed how to organize files, but I had not implemented it.  I have a back up system that is not quite working the way it should be -- I use Crash Plan and for some reason, ever since I changed computers, it has not linked up properly or run reliably.
It has been daunting to think about, but as it is something I needed to eventually do, I am taking the time to set it straight so it will not be a problem when I really need it!  

When I import all my images from my camera, I typically just leave everything in a year - date format.  At this point, I am also going to change how I import so that my files will be sorted into Personal or Client work, and systemically organized based off of what status their files are in.

Moving all of my client files has proven very time consuming, but I know how much happier I am going to be once this is finalized. The next big step for me is going to be removing duplicate .jpg files (since I have my camera set to shoot a copy .jpg in addition to my native files), and getting rid of RAW files that were supposed to be tossed to begin with.   I may actually do this sporadically throughout the week, as I am waiting on other tasks.

It feels good to know that I am "cleaning house" because the mental clutter that accompanies knowing that I have things on a "to do" list that are not getting done truly weighs down on me.  I am working towards an exceptional year end, and streamlined new year!


  • Scouted several of the parks that I normally go to so I could assess the damage done by flooding. Two of my parks are still no-go, but two others are going to be just fine, thankfully!
  • Grabbed some pancakes with the little one and freaked out because I couldn't find my wallet
  • Got lunch together and headed off to take my oldest to his therapy sessions
  • Scouted two new parks in South Austin so I could have options there, and met with a client that I will be doing a session for next week. I got to meet her children; they seemed to take a liking to me and my youngest son =) Hopefully that works in my favor for our session and the children won't think of me as the strange lady with a camera!
  • Logged in late to Julia's final Periscope, where I was hoping to be able to say thank you for everything.
  • Kids bathed and bed -- started working on my file management and decided that blogging about my status would be a great way to not only keep myself accountable, but let others know how things are working out for me!